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Today is your 21st, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WOOO!

I guess I was 7 months late on your last post. Ughhh the FOMO is overwhelming.

Anyways, if YOU still log in, you should hit ME up to travel. I schedule all my classes on T/Th so I have 4-5 day weekends every week! I’m actually quite surprised that you have yet to take advantage of my motorcycle life; I have every intention of getting you addicted to two-wheeled travel. Let’s ride through the desert or to some of California’s finest National Parks!

I also remember you planning to visit Burma in the upcoming years? I plan to see most of Europe, Dubai/Sri Lanka, and most of the US within the next 2 years alone! I understand you may not have time to see the entire world with me (*sigh*) but if you’re still set on Burma then I’ll do my best to make sure that I’m around that part of Earth when you decide to visit! Keep me posted :D

Oh and on the birthday topic, my 21st is going to be on Saturday, August 2nd and I’m going to invite all my friends to Vegas! Because I’m the young one, I should be able to invite everyone. So save the date and feel free to invite all your friends!

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part 2

Sooo I was thinking my entire life over, and I discovered just how much I really want to travel. I figured that if I moved out, I’d be spending all my money on rent; and if I wanted to travel often, I’d be paying rent for a place that I barely slept in! It will suck not having a place to myself for the next 2.5 years, but I think all the money I’d be spending on traveling (instead of rent) will be worthwhile in the end. USA, Canada, and South America sound like some good places to start my travels. I’m still debating if I should travel the US before or after I turn 21, just to fully experience each city. Canada/South America/Europe should be fully accessible for 19-20 year olds. I don’t want to miss a chance of visiting famous/historical pubs/bars around the globe! haha

Also, this company called Vector Marketing (Cutco Knives) sounds extremely promising. Yes, I’d be a knives salesman. BUT 2 close friends who joined Vector have been pretty successful, and I feel like the job reqs are right up my alley. Any job that allows me to travel more and spend less hours enslaved at work, sounds like the job for me right now. OG has really been tying me down since I rarely get weekends off. The money is good but it’s worthless to me if I can’t use it to travel.

The new skatepark was delayed until late March, however I feel like it will definitely be open by April. It’s already skate-able! A few friends and I have been talking directly to an ex-pro skateboarder, Jordan Richter, about opening a youth group for kids in fremont. Pretty much a Fremont Skate-Camp at Lake Elizabeth. Jordan is really into the idea and considers it a foundation for future cities; lucky for us, he doesn’t know too much about business so he’s literally putting me and my friends in charge. Jordan has tons of connections with pro skateboard companies, magazines, and can even get us custom boards for the skate camp! Currently I’m a volunteer instructor, but if these skate-lessons really take off, it can really be the start of something big.

Too many options on my plate at the moment; hopefully everything will work out well. I’m just trying to find time for it all!

BTW, Pinterest is AWESOME. You can’t really blog with it, but I do suggest you check it out if you’re in need of some motivation or to simply be further immersed in your interests!

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big thangs poppin’

Firstly, your car accident is pretty scary to read about. You came out very lucky in a situation like that. I hope your MRI goes as well as it can. I can’t say much more until I hear about your’re really scaring me, Rosie!

On a lighter but dull note, I can’t believe the wilderness class was worth dropping. That leaves me with no hope for future students, who would otherwise need a class like that to interest them. Hopefully that’s just your teacher.

hurray for burning it down; it’s good therapy! I wouldn’t say it “turns my brain off” but it does help sort out problems and whatnot, not to mention feeling sort of like a mini-vacation. Also, you should write things down when you are stoned, so you can remember all your crazy ideas. It makes all the difference!

I did end up going 2.5 weeks on my tolerance break; and it was totally worth it. Currently I just vape at night to go to bed.

I have Geography 7:30-11:15am and Business Calculus 6:45-9:30pm on M/W, which really is the toughest part of my week. Olive garden and my online business law class take up all my spare time. I’m trying for the 4.0 but Calc is kickin my ass down to a B pretty hard haha.

I took the bike out of storage! Harris is letting me keep it at his house. I’ve been riding it to school and it has been dope. lol. and riding doesn’t separate you from the problems; it just helps you put it all into perspective! Freedom is addicting.

I was thinking of selling my fixie in order to buy a mountain bike or a road bike. If you can ride a 56cm frame, it should be gravyyy.

On the relationship note, I found myself an adventure buddy! She loves photography, travel, and anything outdoors. Our parents are both active around Fremont and knew of each other even before we met, so it was kind of crazy how quick this all happened.

This year has started out to be pretty crazy for me; I’m just trying to find time to live. The next 6months of my life will be extremely pivotal, and I think it has already started! Paying off the car, plus tons of traveling is the goal. Anyways, I need to get to bed, more on college, marketing, and skateboards when I have extra free time! Too much has been planned in my near future.

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gosh where do I start? 

Well for one, I dropped that wilderness class. It was bullshit because lectures were so boring and I never went to class. So no grand canyon or anything  but it’s OK. 

I have been smoking wayyyyyy too much lately. Lol. I think I was high for the whole weekend and I really don’t remember much of it. Yesterday I drank a couple shots of saki when I went out to eat with a friend. I think I’m hung over. I have no idea why people drink in the middle of the week lol. I’ll try to refrain from that from now on. But hey, it was really good with all that sushi. Plus my friend made my name in graffiti and it looks sick. I definitely need to show you it. 

Hmm what else…. oh I’ve actually been having a really hard time at school lately. My depression is kicking me in the ass and it’s been sucking. I’m always so frustrated and agitated. It sucks. I wish I could just turn my brain off sometimes. But you’re right  about headphones solving everything. Nujabes helps take me away from my crazy thoughts thankfully. ( you should listen to him) Sigh and it’s been taking a toll on my relationship with the guy I was seeing. Now we’re on a break and I’ve been trying to stay single but for some reason guys are popping out of no where…. I wish I had a motorcycle so that I could just get away. But isn’t that running away from my problems? lol. 

Oh and I got in a car accident the other day. My life has been hell. I almost had a head on collision with the car in the opposite lane because I blacked out. Thankfully nothing happened because the other guy was smart enough to quickly turn away. He crashed into the curb and his bumper got fucked up but it was fine. Stupid migraines. My sister is making me get an MRI to get it all checked it out but to be honest I’m pretty scared what I’m going to find. I really hope life has been going a lot better for you! 

Anyways, yes! We are getting 4.0’s! We have to! Plus isn’t this your last semester at Ohlone? Did you hear back from the other school yet? I’m pretty excited for you. 

Well let’s see what else has been on my mind….oh! I really want a fixed gear bike but I know absolutely nothing about bicycles!!!!!! HELP MEEE! lol. 

Hope to hear from you soon! 

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1 week in and I’ve found myself less sluggish with a lot more free time on my hands. My new headphones have been making it so easy to stay occupied lol

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So this is 2013, eh?

Don’t let those classes get behind ya! Aren’t we both supposed to be earning 4.0’s this term? lol

I aced my Intro to Computers class last semester, and indeed enjoyed it; especially since it was online. You’ll know how to build your own computer soon enough

Psychological Stats sounds like a class where you’ll learn some interesting facts, so feel free to share!

Your environmental class still sounds too good to be true. I still haven’t been to Joshua Tree or the Grand Canyon, so ya better go to both and tell me how awesome it is!

Winter break has been pretty chill, although work hours are starting to get to me since the OG knows I’m on break. Hopefully my schedule will ease up once they work around my classes. I see myself going to Tahoe another 1-2 times before spring term, I just hope I still have time to go up once the homework starts flooding in.

I’m glad your brownie worked! edibles are extremely convenient when they work as planned lol. Speaking of which, I had 3 brownies Friday night that worked way too well. I ended up going to sleep for 10 hours, then woke up to decide that I’d start my tolerance break this week. I’m currently 1 day in. I’ve drastically cut back as of late, but I had still been vaping each night before bed. This week, I break my binge!

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Life is already going to shit

Wow, you know, I’ve never heard of Sunshine before…but yeah, I’ll give it a whirl 

Anyways, I’m back in school, exhausted as hell already. I’m already behind in readings and stuff when it’s only been three days of school. I have no idea how that happened. 

My classes are pretty chill. I’m taking taking 

1. Intro to Computing

I have no idea what the teacher is saying and I really wish I was more tech savy. I think you would enjoy the class. Anyways, I’ve had the professor before and she’s great. Very quirky and weird at the same time, but never a dull day.  

2. Psychological Statistics

Just a stats class. I like the teacher though because she cuts to the chase and lecture always ends early lol 

3. Writing/History Class

Blehhhh. Same old, same old. 

4. Environmental Class

SO. MANY. OUTINGS. There’s one for every weekend! And our only homework is a nature journal….it’s insane. The professor is a super introvert who likes to avoid the world as much as possible but he’s still a friendly guy. There’s two big camping trips: Joshua Tree Park and the Grand Canyon. It sounds pretty exciting. It’s that the teacher makes me sleepy sometimes. lol

Hope you’re break is going smoothly. Oh and thanks again for the brownies. Saved my life. I almost died on that bus ride. I am wayyyyy to claustrophobic. Only ate half and I was good. I still have the other half left….tried to trick my friend into eating it but it didn’t work….lol 

Oh well…I’m off to bed. I’ll post a movie list….you have no idea how much a movie nut I am lol